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Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press, the world’s oldest and second-largest university publishing housed, was recently tasked with relocating its New York City headquarters. The move involved more than 100 staff members, an office liquidation and overseas shipping to the United Kingdom, adding to its complexity. Here’s how we relocated Cambridge University Press in just one week:

  • 150 staff members were involved in the 40,000 square foot relocation process.
  • The company was relocated from 32 Avenue of the Americas to 1 Liberty Plaza in Downtown Manhattan.
  • All staff were successfully relocated over just a one-week period, including all technology and content. This included the packing and unpacking of 250 common files.
  • Eagle Transfer also liquidated Cambridge University Press’ entire former office at 32 Avenue of the Americas, consisting of the 17th and 18th floors.
  • In addition, Eagle Transfer accommodated the client’s storage needs in our warehouse for their existing artwork and also handled overseas shipping of items to their headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

Reference: Sharon Giannotti