Focus: The Relocation of Law Firms


The New York business landscape is populated by over 10,000 legal firms. Their relocation and servicing requires an exact level of accuracy, thoroughness and professionalism. Library, Records & Files The lifeblood of any law firm relocation is in attention to detail. Eagle Transfer’s Project Managers must meticulously allocate each linear foot to a specific location […]

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3 Issues You Did Not Know You Need To Plan For Before a Move


A sure way to blemish an otherwise successful relocation is by encountering an unwanted surprise, or as we like to call it “Party Poopers”. The key to avoiding a blunder is planning, planning and more planning. Leave no stone unturned and ensure every contingency is accounted for. Here are 3 common issues to avoid before […]

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Laying Down The Law – Kaye Scholer


September 2014, Eagle Transfer successfully relocated the entire law firm of Kaye Scholer. Eagle moved 600 employees into 400,000 square feet at 250 West 55th Eagle began by packing, relocating and unpacking approximately 8,000 linear feet of Kaye Scholer’s Library, Central Records Room and Case Rooms. The following week Eagle meticulously packed, moved and unpacked […]

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