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Soar to New Heights with Eagle Transfer

We have the expertise to manage and execute the most simplistic or complex commercial relocations.

Office Relocation

There is no shortage of details involved with office relocation, whether the entity is large or small. Smart, efficient decision makes and support teams do not leave anything to chance. They call Eagle Transfer. With a successful move, your business can keep soaring.

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Storage Solutions

The transition from one location to another is not always instantaneous. Short term and sometimes long term solutions are needed. We deliver by offering state of the art storage facilities to our clients. These sites are secure and climate controlled...

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Project Management

In order to ensure that businesses have a successful relocation we assign a project manager to every one of our clients to help with the transition. This offers a peace of mind that is unique to Eagle Transfer Corporation and has earned the opportunity...

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Technology Relocation

Technology is at the heart of most businesses today. Equipment is costly and it holds critical information for clients. We have the resources and means to safely move your technology from Point A to Point B. Whether you are moving an entire trading...

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Why Are We the Better Option?

There are options out there for commercial movers in the New York City area. However, when it comes to finding a company that works as a team on your behalf, you cannot find anyone more qualified or experienced than Eagle Transfer Corporation. We make your journey with you from beginning to end.

Why Eagle?